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Premium Silent Auction Preview:

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Notre Dame vs Michigan

Whether you bleed blue and gold or maize and blue or just love classic college football, these are the tickets for you. Four tickets to the Notre Dame-Michigan football game on Saturday, September 1, 2018 in South Bend can be yours. These two powerhouse teams have not faced each other since 2014, so this rematch promises to be a memorable evening of college football. You will have a great view of the iconic rivalry from these seats located in Section 20, Row 18, Seats 7-10.

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Silent Auction Prize Preview:
Colorado Vacation Home
- Sleeps 12 -
Opening Bid: $1000

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Silent Auction Prize Preview:
Beach Boys
Concert at Ravinia!
Opening Bid: $300

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Silent Auction Prize Preview:
Retro Girls
Schwinn Bike
Opening Bid: $300

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Silent Auction Prize Preview:
Key West Escape!
Opening Bid: $1,500

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Silent Auction Prize Preview:
Wrigley Field, 1914
Opening Bid: $1,000

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Silent Auction Prize Preview:
Camelback Inn Golf Resort & Spa
Opening Bid: $750
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Silent Auction Prize Preview:
Princess Engagement Ring
Opening Bid: $500

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2018 MFA Benefit

The Misericordia Family Association (MFA) Benefit is the annual celebration of all things Misericordia. Now in its 58th year, it has grown from a humble beginning as a dinner for 200 people to an evening of dinner, dancing, friendship and fun. The MFA Benefit, enjoyed by over 2,000 family members and friends of Misericordia, also serves as our iconic fundraiser, providing $1.1 million to support the mission of Misericordia. This Benefit evening is also the singular time that Misericordia’s families, friends, staff and residents come together to celebrate the inspiration found in Sister Rosemary Connelly’s enduring message. While it is organized and presented by Misericordia’s families, we invite all friends and future friends of Misericordia to join us in honoring Misericordia and all those who call it home.

What's New In 2018? is your "one-stop-shop" to make your online dinner reservations and for ALL information regarding Auctions, Raffles, Volunteering, Online Ad Book submissions, Sponsorship Opportunities, Hotel Reservations/Parking, online documents and more!

MFA Members: For those who do not wish to reserve online, printed invitations will still be available at Thome Reception and can be used with your "Reservations Form" enclosed in your packet.

We will be moving our Silent Auction ONLINE and bidding will be done electronically through your smartphone.

Once you make your reservations online and provide your email address and mobile phone number, you will be contacted by Gesture (our online bidding vendor) with more information.

If you do not have a smartphone or need help with bidding at the Benefit, professionals from Gesture will be available to assist you throughout our event. Click here for more Auction information.

We are excited to be bringing in some special ENTERTAINMENT during the cocktail reception. The country's leading mentalist, Sidney Friedman, as seen on The Today Show and The View, will be strolling throughout the Raffle and Dance Floor area. Click here for more information on Sidney Friedman and his unique abilities.

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2018 MFA Benefit Committee:

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Benefit Chaircouple
Tracie & David Platt

MFA Chaircouple
Sharon & Jim Solomon

MFA Fundraising
Margaret & Mark Dillon

MFA Treasurer 
Susan Ditzler
MFA Assistant Treasurer
Deborah Early

Ad Book
Patty Ramirez
Mary Piemonte
Kate & Elliot Kaufman

All Heart Raffle
Shauna Wellman

Buy It Now
Mark & Barb Cabin
Sharon & Walter Waltz

Candy Raffle
Julie Glassey
Jean Miller

Car Raffle
Jean & Bill Roth
Maureen Fruhwirth

Cash Raffle
Julie Iuorio
Pat & Tom Morgan

Celebrate Misericordia Raffle
Tina Stiefel
Readith Ester

Dining Room Set Up
Kathleen McGinnis
Jo Halleran

Gift Loading & Transport
Tom Halleran

Giving Tree
Merrily Smith
Debbie & Don Brashears

Hall Decorations
Mary & Terry Grubich

Live Auction
Karen & Greg Dralle
Holly & James Jennings

Printed Materials
Eileen & Joe Huss
David & Diane Carpenter

Physical Planning & Design
Bonnie Zbaraz
Terry Remy

Jeff Silberman
Jean Suerth

Laurie & Bill McCarthy

Bob & Julie Mercola
Mike & Tina Miles

Silent Auction
Elyse Cabin
Kay Lunkes
Nancy Otter

Jo & Tom Halleran
Sherry & Nick Scouffas

Sue & Rick Ziesemer
Ann Wilson
David Newcorn

Jim Capraro
Becky Li

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