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Ad Book Instructions

Support Misericordia Home
You can help support the mission of Misericordia by taking an ad in this year’s Ad Book. The Ad Book is distributed to over 2,000 guests who attend the Annual Benefit and is delivered to many more friends of Misericordia throughout the city and state.

To place an ad, simply complete the Ad Book form and submit it by April 15, 2018.

The Misericordia Family Association offers you its sincere thanks for your generous support.


Ad Book Contribution Form
Please read carefully and complete all required and applicable fields.

Resident Photo Information for Contributions of $1,250 or more

If the total of the ads you donate or sell is $1,250 or more, you may submit a photo of your resident to be printed in the Resident Section of the Ad Book.

  • Upload a high-resolution jpg photo file by choosing it from your computer. (Previous years' photos are not kept on file.)
  • In the file name, enter your MFA# and the photo caption you wish to appear in the Resident section, e.g., 6176A Matthew Little with his family.
  • You may also enter the caption for your Resident photo in the text box provided.
click here to purchase an ad online
click here to obtain the paper Ad Book form
and submit it by mail with payment

Sibling Ad form

For $25, families can acknowledge their resident and sibs in the Ad Book. Each ad includes the resident’s name and the names of all siblings (brothers and/or sisters of the resident). The cost of a Sibling Ad is $25, regardless of the number of sibling names listed.

click here to purchase a SIBS Ad online
click here to obtain the paper SIBS Ad form
and submit it by mail with payment

Upon submitting an Ad Contribution Form or a Sibling Ad Form, you will be taken to a confirmation page. From the confirmation page, you can make your payment by clicking on the "click here to proceed to payment" link at the bottom.

This link will take you to the MFA Benefit website powered by Gesture. If you haven't already done so, please "Register Now" for the event. If you have already registered, please "Sign In". After registering or signing in, you will be asked to "Add Credit Card”.

You are now ready to pay for your ad or donation. You may enter "Any Amount" in the payment field but it must be equal to or greater than the minimum donation for the ad type you have chosen, e.g., you may choose to donate $250 which will purchase a $150 ad. You should receive a confirmatory email and/or text message indicating that you have donated Benefit Ad Book, item 9999, and the amount of your donation.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us at: