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MFA Member Resources

Making Reservations

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Early registration discount available until June 7, 2019.

(The allowable tax deduction is $73 per adult / $50 per child)

Make Dinner Reservations Here
Can't Come? Make a Donation

*If you are making a donation or purchasing raffle tickets on behalf of a specific Misericordia family, we ask that you reach out to them to notify them of your generosity for their Misericordia records.

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Dinner entrees will be a combination plate of chicken and beef.

Special Diet Requirements:
For attendees who have special dietary requirements or restrictions (i.e. vegetarian, gluten-free), please indicate those in the “List any dietary restrictions” field when entering your reservation information.

Soliciting Sponsors

There is a critical need to increase the revenue from the Benefit. We look to our friends and family to support us by becoming sponsors.
Identifying businesses and individuals who could be major Benefit donors in the $10,000 ~ $50,000 range.
Contact the Sponsorship Committee with any names and suggestions:
Jo and Tom Halleran
708-456-5037 or by email
Sherry and Nick Scouffas
708-848-8487 or by email

Once approved, the committee will work with you to secure the sponsor.  Your family will receive credit for all the revenue generated by sponsors that you suggest.

Ad Book Submissions

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click on the Ad Book cover to view the 2018 Benefit Ad Book

The Ad Book is distributed to 2,000 guests at the Benefit and mailed to dozens of donors each year. It is the perfect way to send a message of support to a resident, to thank the staff at Misericordia or to advertise your business.

Click here to place your Ad online; or, click here to obtain the paper  Ad Book form and submit it by mail with payment.


Our MFA Benefit Ad Book includes a special section of Sibling Ads. Each ad includes the resident’s name and the names of all siblings (brothers and sisters of the resident).

The cost of a Sibling Ad is $25.00 regardless of the number of sibling names listed. Cick here to submit a SIBS Ad online; or, click here to obtain the paper SIBS ad form and submit by mail with payment.

The deadline for Ad Book and Sibling Ad submissions is Collection Sunday, April 14, 2019.

Auction Prize Donations

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All donated items must be NEW

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•  Restaurant Gift Cards/Certificates
•  Gift Cards (from stores)
If you buy gift cards by clicking from Amazon smile Amazon will donate 4% of your purchase amount to the MFA.

Liquor Donations

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Quality wine and liquor needed for bags. Each family is asked to donate 1-2 bottles, $25 or more in value. Please bring these on Collection Sunday, April 14th.


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We are unable to track purchases of all raffle tickets and online donations by MFA number. Please reach out to your guests and ask them to notify you of their generous purchases. You will get credit for it by listing it all on your quarterly participation reports.

All Heart Raffle ~ Night of Benefit
The All Heart Raffle will feature spectacular themed packages. Purchase raffle tickets at the Benefit and place in the container indicating the prize of your choice. Winners are drawn the evening of the Benefit at 10:30 p.m.

Candy Raffle ~ Night of Benefit
Prizes may be won by purchasing candy from any candy seller. A winning piece of candy will have a number on the bottom of it indicating you have won a prize. Pickup will be available at the Candy Raffle prize pickup area.

Car Raffle
Sell/Purchase Tickets to win a 2019 Jeep Cherokee
Donated by DuPage Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram
Tickets are $50 each or 3 for a $100. Only 3,000 tickets are printed. Winner is drawn the night of the Benefit. Winner need not be present.
Car Raffle tickets are in your packet in a separate gray envelope. Additional tickets will be available at Thome Avenue reception or from a Committee Member. Purchases may be made by check or charge~no cash!

Cash Raffle:
We offer a grand prize of $5,000 and five additional winners of $1,000 each. Cash Raffle tickets are $5 each or 6 for 25. Please sell as many as you can. Winners are drawn the night of the Benefit after the Live Auction. Winners need not be present.

ATTENTION MFA Members - Important for car and cash raffles:
*Postal regulations prohibit the use of U.S. mail for mailing of raffle tickets or returns stubs.
*Please separate stubs from tickets and return stubs and payment in a sealed plastic bag.
*Place in an MFA collections envelope and drop off at Thome reception prior to the Benefit, at the April 14th Collection Sunday meeting or on the night of the Benefit.
*Return of unsold Cash Raffle tickets: Please return all sold and unsold tickets to Thome Avenue reception by Friday June 7th, or to the Cash Raffle area at the start of the Benefit. Please, no cash.
*Return of unsold Car Raffle tickets: It is important to return all unsold tickets to Thome Reception by June 7th as tickets are numbered and distribution records are kept.

Celebrate Misericordia Raffle
$100 per ticket, select one prize below. Only 250 tickets will be sold and only one prize will be awarded to one lucky winner. Winning entry must indicate prize selection on ticket.

Prize 1: Seven nights at a Villa for 4 in Tuscany, Italy
Prize 2: B.U.M.S. Golf Outing Foursome 2020
Prize 3: Table for 10 at our 2019 Misericordia Christmas Brunch
Prize 4: Four tickets to the 2020 Chicago Auto Show First Look for Charity
Prize 5: Four tickets to the 2020 Artist In All event at the Art Institute of Chicago
Prize 6: Table for 10 at our 2020 MFA Annual Benefit
Prize 7: Four tickets to 2019 Women's Board Ball with 2 rooms at the Chicago Hilton Hotel.

Drawing will be held at the MFA Benefit on June 22rd, 2019. Winning entry must have prize indicated. Mailed in entries must arrive at Misericordia by June 7th, 2019. If available, tickets will be sold at the Benefit.

Attention MFA Members:
Every MFA member has one "Celebrate Misericordia" ticket included in their packet they received at MFA kickoff. Additional tickets may be found at Thome Reception or via an MFA Benefit Committee Member.

Packet Documents

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click to view / download / print MFA Benefit Documents. Please click on the link/envelope to access the MFA Benefit Packet Materials online. This link will take you to the MFA/SIBS online portal. Once you are there you will need to enter in your username and password to access these documents.

If you need assistance, please contact Jim Capraro via email by clicking here.

Please note the following documents will be made available ONLINE ONLY:
• Example of a Fundraising Letter
• Auction Raffle Letter
• Donor Receipt


Sign Up Genius

Hosting a dinner party for 2,000 guests along with amazing Auctions and Raffles calls for many Volunteers. More than 400 Volunteer positions over the course of three days need to be filled! Please consider signing up for one or several of these positions. Please click here to bring you to the Sign Up Genius website.